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Tathion is a reduced Glutathione pharmaceutical preparation by method of construction from a Japanese pharmaceutical company’s researchers.
The reduced L-Gluthathione is a tri-peptide, consisting of glutamic acid, cysteine, glycine;
It has been researched since Hopkins’ first found in the compound in yeast, liver or other tissues in 1921.
And also, it gained world-wide recognition of which biochemical importance of oxidation, reduction, and detoxification mechanisms and various enzyme regeneration.
Specially, The detoxification mechanism of the L-Gluthathione would promote every kind of conjugated detoxification like glucuronic acid conjugate, glycine conjugate and rhodanide (neutralizes cyanide into thiocyanate) by fundamental clinical experiment.
White-sugar coating tablet containing Glutathione, reduced. Dissolves well in water, forming white or light gray of crystal powder and has an acid taste.
Phamacological Action
Glutathione was comprised in healthy person’s liver and also acts bio-chemically in the processes listed below. It has been recognized especially for it’s superior effects on hepatic function as liver disturbance reduces Glutathione.
As it is a powerful stimulant of liver action or protection, it can be used in hepatic dysfunction, recovery from fatigue and alcoholism.
In diabetics, glycometabolism can take place, the use of glutathione reduces blood glucose and normalizes glucose tolerance.
Its anti-allergy action and liver detoxification effects makes it possible to apply for the treatment of cutaneous disorders (chronic eczema, urticaria etc.) As it acts to restrain outgrowth of melanin and continues to reduce vitamin C, can apply pigment siderosis of woman face.
As it promotes the iron absorption and hematopoiesis, can apply iron deficiency anemia and each of anemia.
The use of high grade tathion is associated with many positive effects on the bodily systems.
The most obvious is the effect on the skin of individuals. Others include the reduction in cancer, heart disease, increased fertility and allows you to live longer.
Tathion will make the skin fairer, smooth and radiant. The skin whitening effects is usually accomplished within roughly 3 weeks of continuous and correct usage. Excessive pigmentation such as dark spots and melasma can also be dramatically reduced.
It also slows down the skin ageing and thus your skin will look younger and more radiant.Tathion whitens the skin by reducing the formation of melanin on the skin surface. It is non-bleaching and non-peeling.
It evens out skin tone by slowly lightening the skin and reduces excess pigmentation such as scar marks, freckles and others.
It also makes the skin smooth and healthy because of its antioxidant effects as well as rid of pimples and acne. Apart from the effects of skin lightening, tathion also brings health benefits because of its effects on other organs in the body.
Skin Effects
- softens and supples up the skin
- rids of & lighten scars
- Smoothes the skin
- Reduces melasma
- Reduces pimples & acne
- Increases skin elasticity
- Reduces pores on the face
- Makes the skin more radiant